Spring - eUpdate 2012

Our theme this term has been “Spirituality” which we have been exploring through different ways in all of our activities. The first half of the term has focussed primarily on our Dasta-based Spirituality workshop culminating in our Baal Sabha last weekend. In addition, we held our Kendra Shradhanjali the week before half term to remind all of our baalako about those bhaio that developed Shishukunj and allow us to be there every Sunday!

The remainder of the term will be focussed on Gooch sessions where baalako will delve deeper into the Spirituality theme in there own age groups. Our portfolios teams have been working on their plans over the half term break and have some really interesting ideas to explore with the baalako!


For the majority of the last half term, Finchley Kendra has been focusing most of its efforts on the Dasta ECA in preparation for our spirituality Baal Sabha that was on February 26th. What started off as a small project, with the whole portfolio team unsure of what we should do, has manifested itself into a huge ECA and I don’t think anyone imagined that all the baalako would produce the work that they have. The Baal Sabha consisted of five acts, each organised and performed by two dastas. Through performance, we were encouraging all the baalako to work together, be it by singing in harmony or by dancing in sync. The teamwork shown by all of the groups has been phenomenal and

through this ECA, we have allowed baalako of different ages to get to know each other. Whereas our activities last term were more centred around gooches (age groups), this ECA has given the whole Kendra time to bond and to mix amongst the ages. The main objective of this ECA has been to encourage all the baalako to be confident in all the activities they choose to do. Getting up on stage in front of the whole Kendra and even parents requires a lot of confidence and in their groups the baalako can support each other to perform to the best of their abilities.

Spirituality is a very abstract object and something that is very subjective. The meaning of spirituality for one person can differ dramatically with the meaning of spirituality for someone else. For the team, it was very hard to come up with a way to express Spirituality to the baalako given we were struggling ourselves to come up with what it means to us! Therefore, we felt that the aim

of the ECA should be to show that people choose to be spiritual in different ways and the acts are all examples of possible activities during which people feel spiritual. Spirituality can incorporate your mind, your body, how you feel and what you do and so we have created all the acts to link to these various aspects in some way.

Instead of asking the portfolio group to organise these acts, we thought it would be fair to give the Dasta Nayaks and Nayabs some more responsibility and so we asked them to organise the acts,

handle the practises and bring together all the baalako in their dastas to produce an item for the Baal Sabha. The commitment from all the Dasta Nayaks and Nayabs has been amazing and the work they have put into this ECA has been absolutely fantastic and far beyond the team’s initial expectations. This is the first project that they have ever organised and handled and it is their leadership and hard work that has allowed the all acts to develop into brilliant performances.

Luckily, many of our parents joined us for the final Baal Sabha where all of the dastas performed their individual acts to the rest of the Kendra. This was an absolutely fantastic event with all the parents and the baalako having a fantastic time. As always it was great to have so many parents in on that day to remind us all of one of the core visions at Kendra: “Family and Oneness”.

Sahilbhai’s personal thoughts: This has been the first chance for me to organise a whole Kendra activity and at the same time, the first chance that I have had to work with any of the Dasta Nayaks or Nayabs. It has been challenging and a lot of hard work, especially when brainstorming ideas for all the acts, but fun at the same time. The main thing that I have learnt is that communication is really important between everyone and that everyone involved in an activity needs to be proactive to produce the best that they can. I was so proud of the Baal Sabha on the 26th February and I am so glad that all the hard work that everyone put in produced such a fantastic Baal Sabha.


Shradhanjali is a time to promote remembrance amongst the baalako and the importance of it. We therefore come together on 2nd February to remember the people that have touched our lives within Shishukunj. It is time to focus on what we do at Shishukunj as well as a time to remember our inspirations: Devchandbhai and Vallabhbhai and Indubhai Davey. These three bhaio have left behind a legacy that has inspired generations and has helped shape Shishukunj into what it is today. In addition to our annual event at the bhavan we also held a shorter session on Kendra where we reminded all the baalako of the attributes these bhaio taught us and how they continued to work throughout their whole lives to further the Shishukunj cause.