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Other Activities

Shishukunj holds a number of other events through the year for its children members and parents.

Summer Picnic

An annual event where parents are invited to join our members, both children and karyakars for a fun day out in the sun!

Sports Day

This is a fun packed indoor/outdoor event, organised by older members.Games include table tennis, badminton, Carum, Dodgeball, Langdi etc.


Navratri, Diwali and Christmas are among the festivals celebrated every year. We have Navratri Garba each year and a night for Sharaad Poonam. Diwali and Christmas is normally celebrated in Kendra, however we have a Diwali evening for families from each Kendra to celebrate Diwali together.

Baal Din

This is "Children's day" held around 14th November in honour of Late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's birthday to reflect his special affection for chidlren. The celebration is a huge party for the children comprising of fun, games and a feast. The highlight of the day is the variety programme performed in front of 600 children and parents.

Shibir (Camps)

There are various camps held through the year for different age groups. Jeevan Ghadtar Shibir (literally meaning 'life-moulding camp') is the highlight of the year, and is aimed at those aged over 9 years. This four day camping trip combines vigorous and relentless activities, and aims to encourage independence and self-reliance in every child away from their parents and home comforts.

An overnight Shishu Shibir for those aged 6-9 years is held every two years.  We also run Talim Shibirs for our older members, to learn more about Shishukunj and develop skills in running our activities.

Parents' Day

One Sunday each year, parents are invited to come in to Kendra to discuss their child's progress and development with the Kendra team - including the Gujarati teacher, Karyakars and Dasta Nayaks (Group leaders)
In addition to these annual activities, Shishukunj operates Gujarati classes each Sunday during Kendra, Performing Arts classes every Saturday at our Shishu Bhavan in Edgware, and Sewa (humanitarian) work across the globe to help disadvantaged children.